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About me

"I have witnessed the pain and suffering caused by break-ups and I want to help people in a more 'holistic way' through their divorce."

I have 30 years of legal experience in specialising in family matters. My main career has been working as a Consultant family solicitor. I have always dealt with matters with empathy and professionalism.

Whilst I have been able to advise clients through my work as a solicitor, I was not able to provide a “wholesome” approach, as it was not cost-effective for my clients to go into detail over all issues they were facing.


I have witnessed the bitterness caused by break-ups and now want to help as many people  as possible in a more 'holistic way' through their divorce. At this time you will need someone to support you – to listen to the issues that you have encountered during the marriage.  You will be seeking guidance around what the future holds, and require help to be keep grounded and focused on the legal and practical aspects you need to deal with.

I have benefited from support when I have gone through my own personal crises and feel that everybody needs a champion when they go through a life challenge like a divorce! I still hear stories from people I meet of their memories of difficult and traumatic divorces and ideally I do not want you to be one of them. I want to bring more ease into your path. I want you to go on to lead a more peaceful and happy life.


Lets talk...

I will provide you with impartial advice and guidance every step of the way. 

0771 483 8102

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