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Going through a relationship break-up is a painful and challenging time of change and confusion. You may not know who to speak to, or upon whom you can rely.

I do believe that friends and family are important where possible for emotional and practical support, but sometimes the “advice“ given by well-meaning friends having experienced their own divorce may not apply exactly to your situation. 

If you need impartial professional advice, I can be your divorce consultant -  providing you with a guiding hand, sympathetic ear, and objective viewpoint.   


As we explore your path together I will champion your cause and where you need a bit of extra support I will help you, so you can fight your corner.


My fees as a divorce consultant are much less than a solicitors charges, but I still bring the wealth of my general legal knowledge providing 

impartial and objective guidance. 


At the Psychologist

Areas of support

  • Most of my initial calls for help are when a person is thinking about divorce. It may be your decision to divorce or your spouse wants a divorce, or perhaps you are on the brink of separation. You may just need to know what your options are before you make any decisions.  Or simply you have no idea where to turn and what matters you need to think about. 

  • An overview of your situation from an objective viewpoint is really important at this time. This is where I can help. I can put a focus on pressing issues and help you plan the next step.  

  • I can help you prepare for initial meetings with solicitors, lawyers or mediators. As you take steps forward I will be your champion to guide you and support you through.     

  • Everything that is discussed between us is completely confidential – no information will be shared with any third party.  Also, you will not feel any pressure to commit to taking action, which can be the case when formally engaging other professionals.

Six key stages of support


After instructing solicitors, you need to talk through any advice you have been given. Or need to review or complete documents  for next steps 


After mediation meetings to discuss the options you have been presented with and help you collate financial disclosure


If you need help drafting or responding to communications with your spouse effectively and amicably


You are considering divorce or separation


You are dealing with proceedings yourself and need guidance regarding the steps, timescales, and procedures and a little help with the forms


Preparing information before you instruct solicitors for your first meeting


Lets talk...

I will provide you with impartial advice and guidance every step of the way. 

0771 483 8102

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