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How can a divorce consultant help me through my break-up?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Although I am a qualified family law solicitor, I run my divorce consultancy separately. This means I can share my knowledge and experience with clients in a more cost-effective way.

It means that I can be more flexible in tailoring my services to you, as well as bringing my legal expertise to help guide you through what can be a very upsetting, and often unwanted, time.

Can you help me all the way through?

Yes, if you wish, I can still take you through the divorce procedure, offering legally-sound advice and support

How does divorce consultancy work?

Usually, I champion you in the background, supporting you as you perhaps try mediation to resolve your issues, or you formally instruct solicitors to start your divorce.

I can help you holistically through your divorce too. We can chat through issues such as children, living arrangements, and financial orders.

Often in a break up, there is a lot of anger or distress, and it can be hard to communicate with your estranged spouse in a measured way. Even if your overriding emotion is relief, you may still need support to navigate an unfamiliar system so nothing is missed in the separation process.

I’m also happy to work with you through these emotional aspects of your situation, offering helpful ways you can approach matters that will avoid making your separation worse. Clients have found this really useful, as it’s something they may not want to share with their solicitor, or they’re worried it would end up being too expensive to discuss with them.

If you think I can help you, please do get in touch.

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