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A must-read book about the new no-fault divorce system in England and Wales. 

"This book in my opinion should be compulsory reading for anyone thinking about getting divorced and in the process of divorce."

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Neeta says, "My book helps you navigate your divorce. I will guide you through the NEW no-fault divorce laws and recent changes in financial procedures."

If you are breaking up and just don’t know where to turn, this book will provide you with a unique holistic approach to the NEW no-fault divorce.


With this book, you gain clear guidance on the legal process and practical steps surrounding divorce in England and Wales. Monumental changes in law combine with a caring manner and a fresh modern outlook.


Divorce is not the end of the road. It is a crossroads pointing you towards a new change in direction. This book is a must for readers who want to be shown the right way.  It is unique in covering both legal and holistic guidance written by a senior family solicitor with 30 years experience to help you get through your divorce.  

Don't face divorce alone

Divorce is not easy. Most people say that going through a divorce was probably one of the toughest challenges they had to face.


Many of those who are going through the divorce process just don't fully understand the legal and practical complexities involved.

Knowledge of the divorce process and an understanding of available support will give you the power and strength you need to deal with this challenge more easily.

My fees as a divorce consultant are much less than a solicitor charges, but I still bring the wealth of my general legal knowledge.

I can provide you with one-to-one consultancy support so if you need any guidance please contact me - I would be happy to help you.

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About Me

I have 30 years of legal experience specialising in family matters. My background includes working as a Consultant solicitor and being a member of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues constructively. 


I have always been passionate about helping people. Going through a relationship break-up is a painful and challenging time of change and confusion.


You may not know who to speak to, or upon whom you can rely. You are likely to need a guiding hand, sympathetic ear, and objective viewpoint. I am here to help!

I am offering to be your divorce consultant. As we explore your path together I will champion your cause and where you need a bit of extra support I will help you, so you can fight your corner. 

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I will provide you with impartial advice and guidance every step of the way. 

0771 483 8102

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